Thursday, 21 November 2013

November 2013

Hi all

Time for a catch up.

Firstly ... That cattle dog gains recognition for her improved behaviour .... a bronze obedience certificate....

Even better than that,  today she sneaked into the sheep field after me and when told to 'go back' she went back to the gate ..... sheep and I breathed a loud sigh of relief!
Bless her she really is becoming a diamond!

 Sam has been busy with the ewes ... lots of coloured bums .. some yellow some green and some red............... (and a few with 2 colours)    hopefully all now should be expecting .. so we will be  lambing  mid March.... .  (better stock up on sleep!)

Both sheep and cattle have decided it is time to start feeding them,  so the first bales of hay and straw have been transported out to the fields and devoured with enthusiasm. Lets hope we don't get a 'spring' like last year .... it will be a lots of bales by end of April!

We are currently hosting our third lot of people from a website called HELPX.  HelpX  matches volunteers wanting to work for board and lodging with people who have accommodation and work for them.   Lots of wood has been cut, ditches cleared and brambles removed.  We have met some great people and made new friends.  

Our new Shetland cow, Bonnie,  has asserted her authority over the other  bovine residents ... the others quickly learned not to push their luck with her (not sure I'm totally comfortable with close encounters with her either but she seems to respect humans so far!

Seen our first snow this week!........... bit early for my liking.. better get those helpers to cut some more wood!!