Sunday, 6 July 2014

Sun, sheep, sewage and sunstroke!

Has been a busy month..

 Saturday14th June found us walking round our garden and serving tea to garden visitors for Talley Open Gardens Day.  A quiet start in the morning with a slow flow of one car in as one left was made up for by the 4 cars which arrived all at once in the afternoon ... much shuffling of cars before all were parked!    A lovely day chatting to people some of which we met here for the same event last year.    The previous week had thus been one of sweeping, weeding, planting and tidying... ( well maybe I exaggerate a bit )

The stock all needed to be moved ... cows to Home field where the grass has grown like mad, and the sheep into where the cows were.... is always a bit of a chess game to move the stock ... I had to move sheep into shed before I could move cows through the sheep field into their new field then move sheep back out across that field into their new field ( remember those games where you have to shuffle the bits of picture around to complete the full picture??)
Kass in bottom field amongst the buttercups

Ian has been busy constructing a frame for the fruit net ... he just loves working with green wood he hunts out in our woodland. 
It looks great and works a treat.
We had a bit of a problem which took some sorting ... a blocked drain ... took 2 weeks, 30+ drain rods and  loads of digging to find a fence post had been banged straight through the pipe (quite a number of years ago).  Not a fun job.. but well done Ian for sticking with it.

So hot and sunny I managed to get minor sunstroke whilst helping.
We have been busy with the sheep... the lambs have been growing fast and are now separated from their mums . 3 including Bill and Ben have a new home with Ken and Elaine.  The girls will join our flock and the boys will make some tasty freezer fillers we hope (orders being taken)
The ewes are now shorn and look very different .. so different that the two rams (Sam and Eddie) who have lived happily together for months, took one look at each other and had a fight to sort out the new-comer!
Ian and I are now enjoying some time away in Yorkshire. We watched the Tour De Yorkshire cycle past yesterday... lovely atmosphere in the crowd.  2 days of the local Dales scenery then back to start the project of getting cows pregnant!