Sunday, 20 April 2014

Lambing .. a review (part 1) ... cos I wasn't awake enough to blog during lambing!!

Lambing was due to start on 11th March ...  so City and Guild's who I work for, called a 2 day meeting in London on the 10th!!
This meant leaving Ian (who has never experienced lambing)  in charge for 2 days ... and me with the likelihood that I would miss my first Llanwenog lamb being born.

4.45am on 10th  I was up and ready to leave at 5.30 for the train ... thought I'd check the sheep before I left .... and there in the shed ... a ewe with tiny twin lambs (I didn't realise how tiny till several days later when several others had given birth.) .  Bill and Ben (as they have been named) kept the novice shepherd on his toes for 24hours, as they needed him to encourage their first time mum to stand still long enough to suck. Think he was terrified I would return to find they had not survived in my absence.
Bill and Ben with mum. 10.3.14

Another set of twins (boy girl) were born that eve ... needing no help, so Ian very relieved.

The third lamb born (good job I was back) was a HUGE male ... which arrived after some assistance from me.  Named him Chris after Chris who was here 'Help X'ing along with Alice.

Chris and Alice ... helping out.
Chris the lamb

Alice and Chris were a great help the week they were here .... allowing me some sleep as they checked lambs either late at night or early morning. Alice being a nurse loved it.

A week later and we had quite a lot of male lambs and a few female. A set of twins  spent some time being cared for by Alice and myself indoors after getting hypothermic but we were both relieved when they were fit enough to return to mum.

Other helpers were on hand ....

Ella feeds Sam the Ram
Pete checking the sheep

Henny helps out!


to be continued .....