Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Sat 8th Feb

Today started with a Bang!

Just feeding the sheep in the sheep-shed some hay when there was an almighty bang!! .. what was that ?… then a flash of light followed 3 seconds later by another huge bang… thunder and lightning right over head .. then the mother of all hail storms.  The sheep in the field dashed for cover, Kass had to be rescued as I’d left her tied up, Jovi decided to stay in the shed whilst I slipped up the muddy slope to grab Kass.

All around was chaos … except for the cows who just stood there munching hay getting slowly whiter with a layer of hail on their backs!


We sheltered in the shed … the final lightning flash felt like it was in the shed with  me .. I was surprised the electricity still worked afterwards.

Only when I got back and tried to upload some pics to facebook  did I discover Broadband and the phone weren’t working …. A closer look found the white phone plug in the socket to be black and the plastic  cable from socket to phone disintergrated in several places.


Then the problem of how to contact BT when you don’t have a number!  Several calls to Ian and dad on the mobile and BT agree to send an engineer sometime in the next FIVE days!


Still waiting……….  Thank you BT back on now

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