Monday, 7 October 2013

Cattle Dog Surprise

Just back in after a check on all the stock.  Kass as usual loses interest in just pottering about... spots a couple of large black 'sheep'.... and zooms off down the field.

 I watched with interest as she used various tactics to get these reluctant animals to move ... stopping to think between each attempt.  Eventually speedy darts towards the girls encouraged them to move... spurred on now Kass got more determined and I watched in amazement and amusement as my Dexters were moved up the field towards me at the barn.  I called the girls when they got closer and they walked through the gateway into the barn area .......... Kass thinking .... speeds round back of barn to head them off.... I expect her to come racing in and cattle to race out... but shouting 'no' loudly I was amazed to find her stop and return to stand by the gate whilst I give the girls a little treat for their troubles!     Wow!  The cattle dog has arrived!   

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