Friday, 4 October 2013

Bit quiet here today .... or it would be if the ducks weren't loving the rain! 

  HelpXers  left on Wednesday leaving a huge difference here.  Several trees have been trimmed or pollarded  opening up the veg garden to the sun.  The green house is emptied ready for housing some of the fushia plants for the winter.    The area by the pond is cleared and ready for a seat to enjoy its sheltered sun trap location (that is ofcourse if it isn't teeming down as it is at the moment!).

 The Dexter twins are easier to catch and handle .......... remains to be seen if this lasts.  Their latest trick is to wander in through the gate into the hen run .... they seem to stand there in the run wondering what they are doing there. Maybe they too would like a lovely house... but there would have to be a huge door flap!!

  The ewes are prepared and ready for tupping.   That reminds me I'm supposed to be out shopping for a raddle harness ..... bye for now!

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