Thursday, 26 September 2013

It must be autumn!

The grass is still growing, the flowers continue to flower but the days are getting conciderably shorter.... so I guess it must be autumn.  Time of preparation for the winter.

We have acquired a new livestock trailer. ........

Lots going on here ..... apples being pealed and cored by the hundred. Blackberries being picked (and horsefly bites being accumulated in the process!).  Pies made and frozen.  Runner beans also being frozen daily.    Firewood being sawn. 

Yesterday I had my first attempt at plum chutney........... wow  what a success, it tastes delicious. (might be tempted to thaw out the stewed plums I put in the freezer to make some more. ) Recipe was  3lb  plums, 1lb apples 1lb soft brown sugar, pint vinegar, 1lb raisins  and some chillies, mixed spice, garlic  and salt.  boil for about an hour. 

Cattle fluke drenced ................

We have a couple helping us at the moment via an organisation called Help x.  It is great to be able to finish some of those jobs that we have started and make real progress.  They have been particular help clearing the pond area so we can access the pond which was rapidly being taken over by willow and aspen.  

The other job we are tacking together is reminding the Dexters they are halter trained.... half an hour each day will hopefully make things much easier.  I couldn't do this by myself so is great to have some keen and really useful help.

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