Tuesday, 10 September 2013

First Post January 2113

Hi from us here in Wales.  We (Ian, Linda and Jovi) moved into Nantygroes through the snow on January 23rd.   What a lovely picture, the welsh cottage and surrounding area all snowy white. Having nothing to move in, except ourselves and a few essentials,  left lots of time for a fun exploration of fields and woodland with snow drifts reaching almost to the knees and a snowball fight.

Over the weekend, with the help of Aaron, Keiron, Chris and Laura, we moved all Linda’s stuff from the storage in Bristol.  The youngsters were a fabulous help (some of my oak furniture is VERY heavy) and fun to be with.  I enjoyed testing out the rangemaster cooker the previous owners left us!

The views here are amazing, and so is the weather!  In a week we have seen snow, hail, gales, rain (so heavy even hardened locals commented) and yes even some sun! 

We inherited some local wildlife to care for. The previous owners left us lots of wild bird food to continue feeding the wild birds.  I’ve seen many species enjoying the feast including a beautiful Nuthatch and a pair of Great Spotted woodpeckers… oh and a couple of squirrels!   Bertie, the local Buzzard, visits daily for some leftovers and the feral tortoise shell cat appears to be fed too.

We also inherited 2 very fat and not very friendly sheep called Gladys and Lucky. Ian had his first taste of catching, turning and foot trimming… he learned sheep run very fast as lucky legged it to the far corner of the farm not to be seen for 24hrs!  (I have caught her since, and her feet are now trimmed too!)

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