Thursday, 12 September 2013

Nantygroes News 3 months on

We have been here 3 months now and have grown many more legs!  Firstly 8 Pedigree Llanwenog sheep joined us on Sunday 24th March.  4 ewe lambs and 4 two year olds.   They are growing well and one called Polly eats out of my hand.


We also have 6 chicks, or they were chicks at Easter, now half grown and banned to the garden so the next new resident could move into the cage indoors …  Kassie   our new collie puppy is 4 months old and blind in one eye.. but as lively and clever as a collie puppy should be.  Jovi and I have trouble keeping up!

So, including us and the cats I think that makes 72 legs…… Ian has banned me from adding any more for a little while so may have to hide the 2 orphan lambs arriving tomorrow!

Other news: we performed as part of the chorus  in  Gilbert and Sullivan’s The Sorcerer  last Saturday  to raise money for the church . The main parts being played by proper singers, us locals  the chorus. We practised all day on Saturday and did the performance at 7pm…. We were very glad it was all over by 9pm!!

Don’t forget to keep in touch and visit us. 

Best wishes:   Linda, Ian and the other 68 (or 80)  legs!   


Stop press  3 lambs  so  84 legs!!!!

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