Friday, 13 September 2013

The Summer, Sheep and Other Animals

As the days are suddenly getting shorter  and the list of undone jobs longer  I find myself thinking back through the summer. 

Someone told me it always rains in Wales .... well it doesn't!  We have had a lovely sunny warm (occasionally hot) summer.  We have had a bit of damp, some showers and  the odd day of torrential.... but these serve to fill the lovely waterfalls and replenish our water source.  There is often talk of people not being in touch with where their food comes from ...... but I am finding myself reminded of where our water comes from now it is direct from the sky, to ground, to tap within 100m of our house!

Our livestock numbers have swelled ...

Firstly our twin Dexters arrived.  A lovely pair. They are the longer legged variety.  Very inquisitive and like to know what you are up to. Happily follow a bucket anywhere. 
They have grown but will always be quite small, they remind me of Jersey x angus calves I used to work with.
One unfortunate incident happened with them a month ago..... I was tying one to a gate when she went for a walk..... my thumb became caught in rope .... result one broken thumb!   I now know the meaning of being human ... our thumb is what sets us appart from animals  and there is so much you cant do without one!!

Then some more feathered friends ... very cute!! The 6 ducklings lived in our entrance hall for a few weeks till the smell drove us to sort out an outside pen.......... they currenttly live in a rabbit hutch whilst their duck house awaits repairs.

to be continued.......


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