Thursday, 19 September 2013

The Summer, Sheep and Other Animals... cont....

Those ducks, now almost full sized, are convinced I'm their greatest predator! ... all because I tried yesterday to direct them on an outing to a stream amd pool......  several circuits of their pen, a dash into the field... run down stream them up into bushes!   Ian and I perform a pincer movement within hedge (branches attacking me from all direction) .. we get them back to pool only to watch them circuit the pool and dash for home!    Today one sighting of me and they screamed (in duck speak) and scattered in all directions. Hmmm  will have to rethink this mummy duck lark!

Other additions include Sam the Ram  and 8 more Llanwenog ewes.  Sam is a friendly chap who we hope will father our next generation of Llanwenogs.

The new girls are a mix of ages .... the older ones have settled the rest down so we now have an almost manageable mini flock.

Oh my goodness just noticed how many spelling errors I'd done in this ...... am I getting rusty from not teaching already? Now with corrections done maybe I can continue!! 

Kass continues to hone her herding skills at any opportunity (ie when she escapes my watchfull eye and dashes for sheep field!!).  Yesterday I was quite impressed by her attempts ....... all but one sheep taken to barn ,,, that one proved a bit of a problem!  I decided to try to encourage her a bit instead of my usual... grab her at first opportunity,  so tried to help with last sheep ... Kass decided to leave that one up to me and took off back to where rest were by barn ..... a quick think and she legged it right round the barn, under the gates and sent them all haring off back across the field.  Now tiring she sank into the brook where was able to  attach her back to her lead.    I was quite impressed at her approach and quick thinking .......... I just need to find the stop and go button and we will be a great team!

Ian has been busy trying out his new invention ..... a harrow for the quad...


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